Model Auditions for Athletic Clothing Line

AthleticShootAbout The Program

An athletic wear company is looking for models for its campaign based in Miami. Some of the athletic type of outfits for the athletes and runners would need the models with the same built and physique for the modeling auditions of it. The actual runners, dancers and acrobats are ideal options for the selection of models for this purpose.

Some of the important details are as follows:
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Casting Call for a Stage Play, “Dealing with the Devil”

PlayThe background of the play

The play has been set in the year 1920 in a picturesque and charming town called “Pleasant Creek” of racially disintegrated southern United States of America. Pleasant creek is a tranquil town where the resident live in peace and harmony. Some of them actively participate in work related and church activities whilst the rest of them are interested in listening to the musical blues and gambling at the local duke joint. Life continues to go on as usual until one day the town is shaken from the core because of a monstrous and unexpected crime that takes place and the town no longer remains pleasant. The incident leaves the residents of the small rustic town bewildered and shocked. The sheriff of the town finds in a huge puddle as he has the burden of discovering the truth and unraveling the mystery in a short time because the nation is already on the verge of civil unrest movement and the heinous event might just disrupt the peacefulness of the low-key Pleasant Creek.

Casting Call by Blue Wolf Production

Blue Wolf Productions is calling out people for auditions. The production house requires various males regardless of any ethnic preference. They should be aged at least 18 years or older for a number of different roles for the play. The show also requires a Caucasian lady and several African American kids, both boys and girls having ages between 12 and 15 years. The play has a usage of slang and strong adult language so beware of that before coming out for the auditions.

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Casting Call for Various Roles in Charlize Theron flick

CharlizeTheronAbout The American Express

The upcoming Hollywood sizzler, “American Express” features your favorite Charlize Theron. Along with her, there are many Hollywood sensational names working in the movie including Thandie Newton, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried, and David Oyelowo. While little is known about the plot details and specifics, we can confirm for you that the film is being written by Anthony Tambakis. Tambakis is most recently known for his work on “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy. 

Details and Requirements

The casting directors are looking for various actors to play in the scenes that will be shot from March 11 to March 17. Check below for the requirements for the roles.

  • Shooting Dates: From March 11 to March 17
  • Shooting Days: From Friday to Thursday

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Various Roles in Taraji P. Henson Movie Hidden Figures

TarajiAbout Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a different kind of movie that revolves around a period of time. It is a FOX Studios movie that talks about space-race between America and Russia. When it comes to space projects, everyone remembers a few names like Neil Armstrong. However, countless people work in the background to make space projects succeed. The Friendship 7 Mission is one of the projects, aimed to send a satellite to Earth’s orbit and bring it back to home. Among all these people was an African-American black woman who helped America in winning this race.

The casting crew is looking for locals who understand the requirement of transforming their appearance for gelling in the scenes, even if it needs a haircut or so. This is a paid job. Currently, the casting crew is looking for locals to play the role of street people in a scene that is set to be shot.

Hidden Figures is a story that talks about a set period of 50s and 60s. Therefore, all the applicants will be required to go through costume fittings test. The directors will also pay for the fittings test. The scene will be shot on March 21. The date of fittings test has not been specified yet. However, the fittings test will be scheduled on someday from March 9th to March 13th.

Taraji P. Henson is playing the role of the African-American woman. Katharine Johnson was a mathematician scientist who worked along with her colleagues to help America win the space war. Her colleagues, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughn, served as Johnson’s brains to win one of the greatest missions of time.

Hidden Figures is also known as To The Moon and Back. It is the story of these three women who crossed all boundaries of race and gender to play vital roles in helping America accomplish the mission. The Friendship 7 mission was projected in 1962 when the US was already trying to win over the Cold War with Russia. It is important to note that Russian aerospace services were also working on similar type of missions.

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Popular beachwear site looking for hot models

SwimOutletAbout the site: is a beachwear website that is dedicated to fitting the needs of anyone looking to spend time hanging out on the beach enjoying the sunshine. The site specializes in catering to men and women of all different ages, sizes, and lifestyles. From simple 1 and 2 piece outfits, to surfing equipment and snorkeling devices, has everything you would need and more. It’s truly a one stop shop for anyone looking for beach apparel for their next vacation.

Casting notice:

Because of the wide variety of models they have on the website, the casting call will require a minimum of 45 models total. Any/All models that are auditioning should be aware that they will be auditioning via skype, and (upon selection) be flown out to film a video and be photographed. The details of where the casting will be physically taking place are being withheld until the selection has been made. All models will receive complimentary air fare/travel to and from the location. Read down for the casting specifics and apply below! Continue reading

Florida mall looking for models

TheFloridaMallThe promotions team for “The Florida Mall” is currently looking for attractive and confident male and female models to be featured in some of their upcoming marketing materials that will begin to circulate later this year for the holiday shopping season. This promises to be an exciting and worth while opportunity for all models looking to enhance their resume and earn a little bit of extra income.

The Florida Mall has been a huge financial success for the greater Orlando area ever since it’s 1986 grand opening. With it’s mix of high end retailers such as Lord & Taylor, as well as it’s mix of mall staples such as Dicks Sporting Goods The Florida Mall attracts patrons of all different ages and walks of life. Read on for specific casting requirements for this opportunity. Continue reading

Nationwide discount store modeling opportunity

FivebelowAbout Five Below:

Five Below is discount retail establishment that provides quality merchandise at a low, affordable price. Founded in 2002 in Pennsylvania, they brand has become a staple in hundreds of shopping centers all around the United States in 23 states total. This year the company is looking to make its way to the southern area of the US with stores opening in Florida and Georgia.

Job details:

The marketing team for Five Below is looking for several models to be featured doing “In Store” advertisement. What this means is models will be photographed and/or filmed (Depending on the specific model) in and around different stores. We are looking for models to be photographed with other models posing as buyers or customers, as well as in and around the store. All models will be paid monetarily for their service, as well as receive photos. Check out the types of models we are seeking below to see if you fit. Continue reading

Promotional models for fireworks ad

PhantomFireworksPhantom fireworks is currently looking for promotional type models to advertise some new and exciting products that will be made available this fireworks season. The advertisement will be filmed over the course of several days, with models being paid for each day they work. This will be an exciting shoot for anyone that loves modeling AND being a part of the fireworks season.

About the ad:

The advertisement that we will be photographing will feature 5-7 models being displayed next to different types of fireworks, as well as some talking about the specifics with each firework. The ad will also feature models interacting with one another talking about their favorite part of the fireworks season and what the most look forward to. To see the specifics of the casting call, please read on. Continue reading

Casting Call for a Spanish Language Educational Video




Auditions are being held in Florida for a Spanish educational video project.  The casting directors are very particular about the specifications and only accept applications that perfectly fit the descriptions. The filming is expected to span over a number of weeks. It will begin in early March. The selected talent will be paid $504 per day.

Like it’s mentioned earlier, the casting directors are very particular about the description, and they only consider applications that fit. If you are interested, and you feel that you and your traits are a good match for the character described, your application will be welcomed by the directors.

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Actors needed for upcoming web series

MatchlessAbout Matchless

Alex is the primary character of Matchless and the whole story of this web series revolves around her. Alex is the daughter of Lucifer, the devil. She has just started her junior year of college. Alex is undergoing difficult circumstances and the situation of her family is worsening her life. Suddenly, Alex starts developing super powers and even her dad has nothing to offer for her help. The nickname of Lucifer is Lu in the web series. He is a part-time worker, trying to make the ends meet.

Alex is in a strange territory, unable to understand things going around her. She cannot tell her powers to anyone and she cannot ask anyone for help. But there are two people who she can ask for help. These people include her mother, who is also an expert in the field, and her best friend, who is very enthusiastic but very unhelpful too.

Lydia Dawson enters the situation. She is the daughter of an angel. Alex and Lydia were never made to be together. Both the women get along and continue their stories against the devil.

The following are the details and requirements for each character.Please read on for more information on each of the casting calls and the details for each character.

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