Casting New Reality Show “Beach House”

BeachHouseAbout the show

Beach House is an upcoming house reality TV show to be produced by the same people who made popular reality show ‘Path Down South’ and ‘Jersey Shore’. The show will follow the premise of the other popular reality TV shows in the past by bringing together a group of attractive people in a controlled environment and see how each reacts differently to their unique situation. The show will be filming several areas of south Florida later this year.

Casting calls for residents of Florida to share Beach House in the reality TV show

The executive casting directors for the new TV show are looking for hot and wild residents of Florida who will be selected to live together in a beach house for the show.  This is a great opportunity for the people who want to become famous as this show is bound to make them reality stars.

The directors of the show are looking people living in Southern Florida who are confident, wild, hot and sexy between the 20 to 30 years of age. They should be sensible, yet fun lowing and know how to do fun and crazy things. They also should have amazing social skills as they will have to live with strangers in a beach house, and build relationships with them.

The show is going to have a lot of summer fun, and you should be comfortable with beach shorts, bikinis as you will have lots of opportunities to flaunt your body and get lots of sun baths.  The directors are looking for a handful of hedonists who will be exclusive guests at the next great house television series.  They are searching for the hottest, spiciest, wildest bodies with the most beautiful faces to live and love together in the state of Florida – the hottest state on Earth.

How to apply for a part in the upcoming reality show ‘Beach House’

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