MTV Documentary Series Casting

MTV is shooting a new documentary series about couples that are facing a specific situation or experience that is going to change the dynamics of their relationship and will potentially make or break it. We are looking for couples with an “Expiration Date”:

– Are you going to different schools in different states in September?
– Are moving away to pursuer a career endeavor in August?
– Has your mate received the opportunity to play pro soccer and is leaving your hometown in October?
– Are you being deployed for the military next month?
– Are you facing the fact that you will need to confront the person you’ve been seeing with a life change that could separate the two of you?
– Do need to tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant and moving back home?
– Will you be studying abroad?
– Have you gotten in some type of trouble that will take you away?
– Are you facing serious illness and wondering if you need to take a break?
– Have you decided you’re moving to NY or LA to be an actor?
– Are you considering leaving your current girlfriend for your High School sweet heart? Continue reading

Documentary Film Casting

Actress needed for documentary film shoot THIS SUNDAY.

Local film production company seeks actress, late-20’s or early 30’s, to portray Russian aristocrat in memoir-style documentary film.

Blond hair, Russian or Eastern European features and small physique preferred but not required.

Shoot will last no more than a couple of hours early Sunday evening. Continue reading

Major Cable Network Casting

A major cable network is seeking sexy and unique females who are at least 25 years old to star in a new docu-reality series that will be centered on the lives of a select group of interesting and dynamic women living in Florida.

If you are…

-NOT afraid to speak your mind
-NOT afraid to flaunt what you’ve got
-AND have your own unique style

…THEN WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Continue reading