Clothing company seeking new faces!

FortLauderdaleClothesAbout the ad:

We specialize in making leather clothing and accessories for men and women of all different ages, sizes, and walks of life. As the new summer and fall seasons are quickly approaching, the need for models for advertisements and promotional events is high! All models will be compensated monetarily as well as with photos that are taken from the shoot as well as the event.

Casting Notice:

This is a casting call that is taking place in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is open to any models that are local or close to the downtown area. Models will be required to sign a disclosure waiver due to some of the products they will be modeling not being made available to the public until the fall line is brought out.  Read on to find out what kinds of models we are looking to casting and see if you’re a fit for this exciting opportunity!  more

Dirty dancing open dance audition

DirtyDancingAbout Dirty Dancing

The stage musical is based upon Dirty Dancing which was a successful movie that was released few decades ago in 1987. The movie starred Patrick Swayze who played the character of Johnny Castle, a dance instructor at a resort and Jennifer Grey who played the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman. The story is set in the New York’s Catskills Mountains at a stuck-up summer resort where 17 year old Baby comes with her parents and older sister for a vacation. She is highly disappointed to discover that the resort is not even close to being a fun place.  She is not at all interested in the activities at the resort. She is almost certain of spending the most boring summer of her entire life when she stumbles upon Johnny. Together the two perform several dance numbers and end up falling in love with one another. The stage show will feature several heart stopping hit songs from the movie such as, “Do you Love Me?”, “Hey Baby ”,“ The Time of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes”.

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Open Auditions Call for Dancers Disney’s Royal Friendship Faire

About Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire

According to the casting directors, Walt Disney Parks are looking for young talent to play as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and their friends at the Faire. It is a joyful festival full of dance and fun where you can adore the dignity (and of course makeup) of Elsa or adore your long hair as Rapunzel. The arrivals of Tiana, Anna, Olaf, Naveen, the Ruffians, Louis, and a lot more will happen at this fun-filled festival.

The characters will celebrate the unique stories and perform in front of huge crowds. This magical kingdom will be filled with songs, music, dance, adventure, and a lot more. The final notes will include a grand finale with astounding Disney firework and lots of music.

If you are willing to let your feet tap on the beats and your heart sing with the songs then have a look on Walt Disney’s casting notice below. Continue reading

Fitness Modeling Opportunity in Miami


Fitness Model Needed

Now that we are a few months into 2016 all you out there that stayed to your New Year’s resolution to get in shape now have the opportunity to have all that hard work pay you.  Sande Alessi asting is looking to fill positions for a commercial filming with some female body builders.  There has been a huge push recently for fitness models and there seems to be no end in sight.  What these sorts of jobs tend to include is showing off that hot body you have worked so hard for.  What this means s that all those hours at the gym are about to pay off.  Getting in shape is now about to open another door while you pursue your modeling career.  Not to mention help pay for that gym membership.

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Auditions for Actors and Comedian’s

FloridaThe Casting Team Requires Lead Actors for a “Spring Break” Comedy TV Show

Actors, here is an opportunity for you. The casting team of a “Spring Break” Comedy TV show is looking for main actors and some background extras to work on the screen. They require local actors of Miami, Florida. There are a variety of roles for actors and comedians for this show and it is soon going to be filmed in the same month, March. From Monday, March 21, 2016 to Monday, March 28, 2016, the show will be presented in front of the audience.

Actors who are willing to apply for the roles must remember that they should have a flexible schedule as the team can call them at any time for shoots and rehearsals from Monday, March 21, 2016 to Monday, March 28, 2016. You can check out the casting call notices for each role below. Continue reading

Actors needed for upcoming web series

MatchlessAbout Matchless

Alex is the primary character of Matchless and the whole story of this web series revolves around her. Alex is the daughter of Lucifer, the devil. She has just started her junior year of college. Alex is undergoing difficult circumstances and the situation of her family is worsening her life. Suddenly, Alex starts developing super powers and even her dad has nothing to offer for her help. The nickname of Lucifer is Lu in the web series. He is a part-time worker, trying to make the ends meet.

Alex is in a strange territory, unable to understand things going around her. She cannot tell her powers to anyone and she cannot ask anyone for help. But there are two people who she can ask for help. These people include her mother, who is also an expert in the field, and her best friend, who is very enthusiastic but very unhelpful too.

Lydia Dawson enters the situation. She is the daughter of an angel. Alex and Lydia were never made to be together. Both the women get along and continue their stories against the devil.

The following are the details and requirements for each character.Please read on for more information on each of the casting calls and the details for each character.

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Featured extras for HBO’s ballers

Ballers22About the HBO’s Comedy Show – ‘Ballers’

Ballers is a comedy/drama HBO show that stars WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. and focuses on professional football players. ‘The Rock’ will appear as a retired player, Spencer Strasmore. He will be playing a role of an athlete, retired from sports and is in search of his next big break. Along with both of these talented actors, Denzel Washington’s son will also play a role of an athlete with Robb Corddy as a financial advisor in the show. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is producing this show with Pain and Gain’s costar, Mark Wahlberg.

The Official Casting Team is in Search for Some Featured Roles for New Comedy Show, Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Filming in Miami, Florida

The comedy show, ‘Ballers’ is now under production and is about to end its shoots and requires some actors and model to play several featured roles. Since the shoot is being done in Miami, Florida, the actors should be locals. The official casting team is looking for some actors who have previously worked in some TV show as there are some scenes left to film. So, the ones who love the WWE superstar must not miss this chance to work with him. If you have worked previously, then you are perfect for the role and they are looking for you! In order to know more details, read on. Continue reading

Female models for local hair show

HairShowPhotoHair show event happening in Clearwater, Florida this coming March and models are needed to fill spots that have been unexpectedly vacated. The show will take place the last weekend in March (the 25th-27th) and will be held in downtown Clearwater. The event will be 8-12 hours each day with models being needed for 1,2 or 3 days depending upon experience level.

About the event

The purpose of our event is to bring awareness to hair show modeling and all the different styles models can do with their hair. For our event we are looking specific for Caucasian and African American models that have experience in the industry and are comfortable with their hair being manipulated. (Details will be explained further in the ad) We will have 7-10 hairdressers on site as well as a group of photographers ready to take photographs of models before and after their hairstyle change. Please read on for more information and submission instructions. Continue reading

TanTowel Tanning Products Looking For Models in St. Pete



TanTowel and The Diamond Agency are currently looking to cast some models for a production in the St. Petersburg, FL area.  TanTowel is a company that specializes in sunless tanning.  They have developed a product that is easily applied with no streaking.  Also, there is no greasy Continue reading

Child Talent Needed for Toothpaste Audition (Hallandale)

If you are a model from the Hallandale area and would like to be a part of a brand new toothpaste advertisement marketing campaign via print and commercial ads then this may be the perfect opporutnity for you. Looking for talent ages 16 and up to take part in auditions for the project. Casting directors will review all submissions and consider the best when it comes to the brand itself. Continue reading