Casting New Reality Show “Beach House”

BeachHouseAbout the show

Beach House is an upcoming house reality TV show to be produced by the same people who made popular reality show ‘Path Down South’ and ‘Jersey Shore’. The show will follow the premise of the other popular reality TV shows in the past by bringing together a group of attractive people in a controlled environment and see how each reacts differently to their unique situation. The show will be filming several areas of south Florida later this year.

Casting calls for residents of Florida to share Beach House in the reality TV show

The executive casting directors for the new TV show are looking for hot and wild residents of Florida who will be selected to live together in a beach house for the show.  This is a great opportunity for the people who want to become famous as this show is bound to make them reality stars.

The directors of the show are looking people living in Southern Florida who are confident, wild, hot and sexy between the 20 to 30 years of age. They should be sensible, yet fun lowing and know how to do fun and crazy things. They also should have amazing social skills as they will have to live with strangers in a beach house, and build relationships with them.

The show is going to have a lot of summer fun, and you should be comfortable with beach shorts, bikinis as you will have lots of opportunities to flaunt your body and get lots of sun baths.  The directors are looking for a handful of hedonists who will be exclusive guests at the next great house television series.  They are searching for the hottest, spiciest, wildest bodies with the most beautiful faces to live and love together in the state of Florida – the hottest state on Earth.

How to apply for a part in the upcoming reality show ‘Beach House’

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Casting Call for Various Roles in Charlize Theron flick

CharlizeTheronAbout The American Express

The upcoming Hollywood sizzler, “American Express” features your favorite Charlize Theron. Along with her, there are many Hollywood sensational names working in the movie including Thandie Newton, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried, and David Oyelowo. While little is known about the plot details and specifics, we can confirm for you that the film is being written by Anthony Tambakis. Tambakis is most recently known for his work on “Warrior” starring Tom Hardy. 

Details and Requirements

The casting directors are looking for various actors to play in the scenes that will be shot from March 11 to March 17. Check below for the requirements for the roles.

  • Shooting Dates: From March 11 to March 17
  • Shooting Days: From Friday to Thursday

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Popular beachwear site looking for hot models

SwimOutletAbout the site: is a beachwear website that is dedicated to fitting the needs of anyone looking to spend time hanging out on the beach enjoying the sunshine. The site specializes in catering to men and women of all different ages, sizes, and lifestyles. From simple 1 and 2 piece outfits, to surfing equipment and snorkeling devices, has everything you would need and more. It’s truly a one stop shop for anyone looking for beach apparel for their next vacation.

Casting notice:

Because of the wide variety of models they have on the website, the casting call will require a minimum of 45 models total. Any/All models that are auditioning should be aware that they will be auditioning via skype, and (upon selection) be flown out to film a video and be photographed. The details of where the casting will be physically taking place are being withheld until the selection has been made. All models will receive complimentary air fare/travel to and from the location. Read down for the casting specifics and apply below! Continue reading

Nationwide discount store modeling opportunity

FivebelowAbout Five Below:

Five Below is discount retail establishment that provides quality merchandise at a low, affordable price. Founded in 2002 in Pennsylvania, they brand has become a staple in hundreds of shopping centers all around the United States in 23 states total. This year the company is looking to make its way to the southern area of the US with stores opening in Florida and Georgia.

Job details:

The marketing team for Five Below is looking for several models to be featured doing “In Store” advertisement. What this means is models will be photographed and/or filmed (Depending on the specific model) in and around different stores. We are looking for models to be photographed with other models posing as buyers or customers, as well as in and around the store. All models will be paid monetarily for their service, as well as receive photos. Check out the types of models we are seeking below to see if you fit. Continue reading

Actors needed for upcoming web series

MatchlessAbout Matchless

Alex is the primary character of Matchless and the whole story of this web series revolves around her. Alex is the daughter of Lucifer, the devil. She has just started her junior year of college. Alex is undergoing difficult circumstances and the situation of her family is worsening her life. Suddenly, Alex starts developing super powers and even her dad has nothing to offer for her help. The nickname of Lucifer is Lu in the web series. He is a part-time worker, trying to make the ends meet.

Alex is in a strange territory, unable to understand things going around her. She cannot tell her powers to anyone and she cannot ask anyone for help. But there are two people who she can ask for help. These people include her mother, who is also an expert in the field, and her best friend, who is very enthusiastic but very unhelpful too.

Lydia Dawson enters the situation. She is the daughter of an angel. Alex and Lydia were never made to be together. Both the women get along and continue their stories against the devil.

The following are the details and requirements for each character.Please read on for more information on each of the casting calls and the details for each character.

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Real EMTs needed for Baywatch scene

BaywatchAbout the Movie The American action drama series Baywatch was one of the popular most shows during its time. The drama series was broadcasted from 1989 to 1999. Initially it started with the name Baywatch but later on the name was changed to Baywatch Hawaii. The drama series revolved around the lifeguards of Los Angeles County. The plot of this drama series revolves around the interpersonal relationships of lifeguards. A major part of the drama series also reveals the dangers related with beach lifeguard responsibilities. This drama series is a good blend of Hawaiian beach life. Pamela Anderson will also play in Baywatch the movie alongside Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Zac Effron. In 2012, it was announced that Paramount Pictures will work on The Baywatch movie. The casting of Dwayne The Rock was speculated in 2013, but he was confirmed for the movie and was officially announced in mid 2015.

Details and Requirements

The casting directors of Baywatch are looking for young boys of age 25 and above to play different roles in the upcoming movie. The scenes will be shot in Boca Raton area of Florida. If you want to become a part of this potentially blockbuster movie then don’t wait and follow the given instructions to be a part of the movie. Continue reading

Women with Curves and Sex Appeal for Video Shoot (Boca Raton)

Looking for models, not necessarily Latina, but definitely would be a plus. Models with curves and a lot of sex appeal for an upcoming music video shoot for a well known Southern rap artist. He has released an album recently and has a single out right now. All models must be over the age of 18 and have their own transportation to and from the shoot. Talent do not need to be professional models with tons of experience. As long as you are comfortable in front of the camera, have sexy curves and always get complimented for your looks then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Continue reading

Popular Cable Game Show Booking Models (St. Petersburg)

Looking for some hot models to book for our popular cable game show that we are sure you have seen. Casting call for models will be next week. All talent have to be good looking and have some modeling experience. Do not have to have agency contracts or be signed. Professional photo portfolio will be mandatory the the interview process. Make sure to list availability to casting director at auditions. Must be over the age of 18 and no older than 29 years old for the shoot. Great skin and in great shape. Continue reading