Casting Call for a Stage Play, “Dealing with the Devil”

PlayThe background of the play

The play has been set in the year 1920 in a picturesque and charming town called “Pleasant Creek” of racially disintegrated southern United States of America. Pleasant creek is a tranquil town where the resident live in peace and harmony. Some of them actively participate in work related and church activities whilst the rest of them are interested in listening to the musical blues and gambling at the local duke joint. Life continues to go on as usual until one day the town is shaken from the core because of a monstrous and unexpected crime that takes place and the town no longer remains pleasant. The incident leaves the residents of the small rustic town bewildered and shocked. The sheriff of the town finds in a huge puddle as he has the burden of discovering the truth and unraveling the mystery in a short time because the nation is already on the verge of civil unrest movement and the heinous event might just disrupt the peacefulness of the low-key Pleasant Creek.

Casting Call by Blue Wolf Production

Blue Wolf Productions is calling out people for auditions. The production house requires various males regardless of any ethnic preference. They should be aged at least 18 years or older for a number of different roles for the play. The show also requires a Caucasian lady and several African American kids, both boys and girls having ages between 12 and 15 years. The play has a usage of slang and strong adult language so beware of that before coming out for the auditions.

Further reading will give you all the information (including benefits) for the production.

Compensation Package

The actors will not get the pay in advance as the paying structure/package is deferred and it is actually based upon the revenue generated by each individual performance. All the members of the cast and the crew will also get the due credit and a DVD copy from the both the performances and the auditions. The will also get a free head shot. As for the remuneration package, the actors and the crew will receive 33% of the total revenue of every single production. To summarize, you will make more money if the show is a huge success.

You can submit information at All of the information will be provided to you if the client/director is interested in working with you.

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