One Source Talent New York

One Source Talent has been in the modeling and acting industry for over 10 years and have helped many talent book lead roles in numerous films. They also helped many models get their big break by booking them to major agencies such as Click and Elite. One Source Talent corporate office is located in Troy but their biggest and most successful office is in New York City and is run by Sanabel Billan. She has worked with One Source Talent for over 4 years and has moved up from being a receptionist to one of the most known office directors in the country.

One Source Talent New York has even helped Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick!


Lead Characters For Feature Film

Casting male lead characters for a freatrue film.
Male: Any Ethnicity
Height: 5’10
Weight: 170lbs
Specialty: Intelligence

Casting Intelligence agent at S.H.I.L.D. mid thirties clean cut professional. Highly Intelligent excellent written and oral skills. Castings is responsible for Intelligence gathering and communications. Sharp, smart wit, direct and to the point. Continue reading

MTV Documentary Series Casting

MTV is shooting a new documentary series about couples that are facing a specific situation or experience that is going to change the dynamics of their relationship and will potentially make or break it. We are looking for couples with an “Expiration Date”:

– Are you going to different schools in different states in September?
– Are moving away to pursuer a career endeavor in August?
– Has your mate received the opportunity to play pro soccer and is leaving your hometown in October?
– Are you being deployed for the military next month?
– Are you facing the fact that you will need to confront the person you’ve been seeing with a life change that could separate the two of you?
– Do need to tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant and moving back home?
– Will you be studying abroad?
– Have you gotten in some type of trouble that will take you away?
– Are you facing serious illness and wondering if you need to take a break?
– Have you decided you’re moving to NY or LA to be an actor?
– Are you considering leaving your current girlfriend for your High School sweet heart? Continue reading

Music Video Casting

Come dressed in your best folky hipster / Little House On the Prairie Garb on June 8th from 1pm-5pm on the second floor to audition for parts in a music video for “You’ve Got This” from Greg Kurka’s upcoming EP.  A music video is a short film that depicts a piece of music or song. Music videos were initially described as film clip, filmed insert, promotional film or clip or illustrated song. Music videos are used as a marketing device intended to promote the music.

No prepared monologue required. Venue requests no one bring outside food or drink. Tasty donuts and coffee are available to purchase. Continue reading

Funny or Die Casting Actors for Comedy Sketch

Our sketch group will be shooting a comedy video of a dating website, and we need to cast two actors of Middle Eastern descent (or who can play Middle Eastern) for the roles. The comedy  sketch itself will be a commercial for a dating website that helps terrorists find love. We have a brief, finished script, and the roles we need filled are as follows:

Amir (male, late 20s – 30s) – Speaking role. Must be able to do Middle Eastern accent. Facial hair isn’t necessary, as we may utilize a fake beard for the shoot. Continue reading

Spanish Speaking Talent

Spanish Speaking talent from the Miami area needed for a educational video.

Are you a native speaker of Mexican Spanish? Do you have a strong voice and camera presence?

We are looking for actors to star in our foreign-language educational video. Current openings include Mexican Spanish (men only). Your job is to pronounce words, phrases, and sentences on camera for an online vocabulary program. You must currently be located in the Miami Area, as production studio is in the area.

Filming will take place over the next two weeks. We estimate that the job will involve approximately 8-12 hours on camera for each actor, spread over 2-3 days of shooting. Continue reading

ABC Dance Show Auditions

Casting families with great dance moves for “Family Dance Off,” a primetime dance competition show for ABC. Casting director asks: “Does your family love to dance together at parties, special events or just in your living room? Is Dad a big ham or maybe he has some surprising old break-dancing moves? Did Mom take dance lessons as a kid and now the kids do too? Do you have a special story of why your family dances together? Whether your family loves hip hop, pop, jazz, modern, ballroom, Latin, country – or you’ve made up your own distinct style – we want to hear from you!”  Continue reading

Lead Actor For Film Needed

Taking online submissions before casting for a paid one day shoot for a lead actor in a movie being produced by a established VFX & production company.

Role is for a slender/slim 9-12 year-old boy who is African American and is close cut/shaven/bald.

The adaptation of a sci-fi short based off a popular comic book series:
In a postapocalyptic wasteland populated by mutants and terrorized by flesh-eating ogres, a young amnesiac searches for the answers to the mystery of his identity. Wandering aimlessly, he comes to the rescue of Lorna, a young girl who gives him a name: Number 13. Facing danger at every turn, Number 13 fights to stay alive as his quest to find out who he is leads to the deadly truth of what he is. Continue reading

MTV Casting for New Series

MTV is currently seeking several young men & women for a new documentary tv series who are estranged from their parents due to the unapologetic way they are living their lives. This series will focus on several strong-minded individuals and the circle of friends who support them as they live life on their terms and won’t let anyone or anything hold them back.

On August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m., MTV launched with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken by John Lack and ever since than they have been one of the most popular channels on television and this is your chance to be on the famous network.  Continue reading