Casting Call For an Untitled Steampunk Fantasy Short Film

LadyGirlFilmsAbout the Film:

Lotus grew up in the confines of Camp Vacant. Unaware of the reality of the world outside the walled camp, Lotus remains a happy camper till the time her friend Brick goes missing from the camp. Determined to find Brick, Lotus along with her friends escape Camp Vacant, only to find themselves caught up in a world uglier than their own.

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Urgent Casting Call For Models

Paradym GroupParadym Group is looking for female models from Orlando for its new Sapphire Now project from 17th to 19th May 2016.

Paradym Group takes great pride in helping out its clients in finding models, actors, celebrities, comedians, musicians, DJ’s, stunt performers  etc.

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Florida mall looking for models

FloridamallCasting Details

Models will be featured in clothing and accessories stores including Macy’s, Hot Topic, Mac, H&M, and the popular hat store “Lids”. We are looking for models that are ages 18-40, Caucasian and African American ethnicity,  and a positive attitude. You will be featured with other models posing for photos as well as interacting between takes. The shoot will take place over the course of two weekends; One in the spring for our summer pamphlets and one in the Fall for our winter pamphlets. You will be given the information on the date/time of the events several weeks prior to accommodate schedules. Below is the information needed to submit for the roles.

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Models needed for Supercon convention

FloridaSuperconAbout the event:

Supercon is an annual convention that takes place in Miami Beach, Florida. The event takes place each year in July and is a hot spot for gamers, artists, and anime enthusiasts. The event is also broadcast around the world and is one of the largest conventions on the Southeast coast.

Casting call description 

Promoters of the event are looking for nerdy, unique looking models to be featured in promotional materials. They are are looking to have posters and internet advertising finished by the end of May, are are in need of 10-20 models to commit to photo sessions and commercial filming. The ideal candidates should have some basic knowledge in any of the following categories; Anime, Collectible Card Games, live action role playing, as well as current video game knowledge regarding today’s hottest titles. Models should be any gender, ages 16-30, any height/weight, and dress in their own unique style. All models are encouraged to come in their most comfortably owned attire. 

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Clothing company seeking new faces!

FortLauderdaleClothesAbout the ad:

We specialize in making leather clothing and accessories for men and women of all different ages, sizes, and walks of life. As the new summer and fall seasons are quickly approaching, the need for models for advertisements and promotional events is high! All models will be compensated monetarily as well as with photos that are taken from the shoot as well as the event.

Casting Notice:

This is a casting call that is taking place in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is open to any models that are local or close to the downtown area. Models will be required to sign a disclosure waiver due to some of the products they will be modeling not being made available to the public until the fall line is brought out.  Read on to find out what kinds of models we are looking to casting and see if you’re a fit for this exciting opportunity!  more

Costume store seeking promo models

SpiritHalloweenAbout the ad:

We are seasonal retail company that is based out of Egg Harbor, New Jersey and specialize in all things Halloween. From high end, scary decorations to the most popular and unique costumes Spirit has consistently been the go to for all things Halloween. As the season approaches the need for marketing and promo models is high. We have locations all throughout US and are currently working on promotions for the central Florida area.

For the ad we are looking for models of all ages. Because we have products that appeal to a wide variety of customers we need models that can portray the needs of our customers of all different age levels. more

H&M marketing campaign needs new faces

H&MAbout the advertisement and company overview

Beginning in 1947 the Sweden started company (Formerly known as Hennes & Mauritz) embarked on an innovative fashion idea that would bring affordable, attractive clothing to men and women of all different ages and sizes. Since inception the company has not only grown in size (currently providing 150,000 individuals employment) but has also branched out to locations all across the globe. They currently have over 3500 offices, most of which are in Sweden, German, and right here in the U.S. 

H&M, Inc. is seeking female fit models. All candidates must be able to travel to Clearwater, Florida daily and be comfortable posing for photos. Please see below for the exact requirements. Continue reading

Auditions for Bush Gardens Show

BeachHouseGigAbout The Program

Busch Garden Williamsburg and Sparky Jax Productions are in for another hit for the season, the summer 2016 premiere of “All For One” a play based on the very famous piece of literary work by Alexandre Dumas, “The Three Musketeers” which has witnessed various adaptations into the modern day affairs, of the original play set in the early 17th century.

The plot revolves around a man named d’Artahnan who aims to join the Musketeers of Guard in Paris, leaving behind him his family in Gascony for his ambition. Though it would be difficult for him to join the musketeers, he would endure various circumstances on his way. Befriending the three musketeers of unique characteristics would be a ride which he would happily choose for himself, while dealing with various affairs of the state and other social issues coming his way in the city of Paris.

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Dirty dancing open dance audition

DirtyDancingAbout Dirty Dancing

The stage musical is based upon Dirty Dancing which was a successful movie that was released few decades ago in 1987. The movie starred Patrick Swayze who played the character of Johnny Castle, a dance instructor at a resort and Jennifer Grey who played the role of Frances “Baby” Houseman. The story is set in the New York’s Catskills Mountains at a stuck-up summer resort where 17 year old Baby comes with her parents and older sister for a vacation. She is highly disappointed to discover that the resort is not even close to being a fun place.  She is not at all interested in the activities at the resort. She is almost certain of spending the most boring summer of her entire life when she stumbles upon Johnny. Together the two perform several dance numbers and end up falling in love with one another. The stage show will feature several heart stopping hit songs from the movie such as, “Do you Love Me?”, “Hey Baby ”,“ The Time of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes”.

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