Non Union Shoot Needs Extras

1 day non-union shoot Friday February 1st in or around Miami, location TBD. Needing 4-6 extras between the ages of 40-55. The scene takes place in a lofty downtown apartment, in the kitchen laughing, drinking wine and socializing as close friends. There is no pay but this is a great opportunity to gain exposure and get credit and copy for your resume.  Continue reading

Make-Up Models for Fashion Expo (Tallahassee, FL)

Florida models we need you! Setting up and organizing all the make-up booths for our clients at this fashion expo event. In need of models with fresh faces ages 18 and up for a well known expo that will be having very important guests from the fashion industry attending via New York and Los Angeles fashion. Models who are slender and good looking should definitely come by. No ethnicity preference! Continue reading

Caucasian Male Models Who Speak French Auditions (Tallahassee)

A Tallahassee client is in need of 2 male models for a promotional event. Models have to be Caucasian and fluent in French. Do not have to know how to write or read, just know how to familiarize with a French script and understand the meanings and emotions in the writing. Models have to have some acting experience, whether old or new. No professional experience is needed. Models must be over the age of 18 and no older than 40 years old for this project. Continue reading

Knife Commercial for Well-Known Brand (Tallahassee)

Looking for models in Tallahassee for a shoot with a client from LA for a well-known knife brand. The commercial will be aired as an infomercial and will be aired on national cable and television for a period of time. Talent must be over the age of 21 and no older than 60 years old for the shoot. Some talent may be asked to be extras in the audience while others will have a featured scene on camera with lines or no lines. No ethnicity preference for the shoot. Continue reading

Corporate Video Searching for Older Talent (Tallahassee, FL)

Searching for models for a corporate video company shoot. Models have to be over the age of 30 and from the Tallahassee area. Talent of any ethnicity and background are welcome to apply. No modeling or acting experience required but must be comfortable working in front of a camera. The marketing department is looking to move forward in a positive way and impact people of an older age group for their brand. Continue reading

Models for Training Video Auditions (Tallahassee, FL)

In search of models for a training video audition that is coming up. Not all models will be booked for the project, some may just go through auditions. The purpose of the video is to show family members caring for their older elderly family or people. The models are suppose to play the family or visitors and some nurses in the final shoot. The photos will be used in a broad range of marketing plans for the client. Continue reading

Caucasian Models for Country Music Video (Tallahassee, FL)

Searching for about 10-15 Caucasian Models for a Country Music Video. Models are asked to be from Tallahassee area. Some dancing experience would be preferred but will not be required of the talent. The theme of the shoot will be about rich people and expensive tastes. All of the talent must be over the age of 18 and camera ready. Do not have to be model material but definitely comfortable working in front of the camera. Continue reading

Girls Needed for a Shoot (Tallahassee, FL)

Instantly looking for females ages 18 and up for a photo shoot for a secreterial/filing and other services shoot. The description of what would be required of you at the shoot would be provided for you if you do get booked. Otherwise just make sure to attend the casting call once you are called in. Wear appropriate clothing. Females of all ethnicity are called in. Models from the Tallahassee area are called in. Continue reading

African American Males for Athletic Tennis Shoe Ad! (Tallahassee, FL)

Tallahassee production company is putting together a sports advertisement for an international tennis shoe and clothing athletic brand. This brand is very well know and you probably own a pair of their shoes now. Models must be males and African American over the height of 5’10, in great athletic shape, and clear complexion. Some knowledge of major sports would be a plus. Does not have to have any professional modeling experience. Over the age of 18 would be preferred. Continue reading

Clothing Company Needs One Female Model! (Tallahassee)

Clothing company here in Tallahassee is looking for the perfect female model to represent their plus size line. They are  LA based clothing company who established in 2006 and is looking for models to be featured on the site and in stores. The fashions run from size 0-16 and clothing brand names that are “in” right now will have no competition on this brand. Each model will have their own shoot in a few months, granted auditions and interviews will be held as well. Continue reading