Local pizza joint seeking promo models

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For privacy we cannot disclose the name of the business until models are selected. We have been in business since the early 90’s and own and operate a total of 10 stores that are all family owned and operated. Our first pizza shoppe opened up in 1991 right here in downtown Miami, Florida and we have since expanded. We are looking for a variety promotional models to be featured in several fliers we will be handing out in the greater Miami area to promote and advertise our chain.

We are looking for males and females that are ethnic (or ethnic looking) and comfortable being photographed in many different types of clothing and settings. All models will be compensated in 3 ways; With unlimited amounts of free pizza for 3 months, monetary compensation (Dependent on amount of material used), and with photo credit. The types of models wanted are listed below. Continue reading

Promo model needed for club event

PromomodelAttractive Promotional Models wanted!

Do you consider yourself a social person with excellent people skills and have a natural ability to multitask? Do you pride yourself on maintaining a well groomed look? If so and you fit the below requirements, we are looking for models just like you for a PAID promotional modeling experience.

Casting Description 

The event will feature both male and female models bar-tending and interacting with guess for 2 weekends a month Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 8PM-2AM. Your primary job duties will be to; Display and promote different brands through conversation and banners/advertisements, greet customers and potential buyers enthusiastically and with brand knowledge (you will be provided source material prior to the casting date/time), and pose for photographs before and after events with marketing team and other models. Continue reading

Models needed for contact commercial ad

Contacts6 in 10 people wear glasses, and of those 6, 4 prefer to wear contacts over bulky glasses due to convenience. With the price of contacts going down in the last decade more and more people are opting to ditch the frames and only wear cotact lenses. This sudden amount of interest is what sparks the increasing amount of commercials and advertisements you see, calling for more and more talent to be featured! These types of advertisements range from photo shoots with hundreds of people to more intimate commercials showcasing all of the benefits that come from wearing contact lenses.  Continue reading

Cruise line seeking ethnic models

Cruise shipWe are a well known international cruise line currently seeking ethnic male and female high fashion models for holiday advertisements. For the advertisement you would be photographed inside and outside of the cruise ship, posing with groups of travelers and potential cruise patrons. Each of our cruises are different and call for a different individual to represent them by being the face of the advertisement.
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