Models needed for Supercon convention

FloridaSuperconAbout the event:

Supercon is an annual convention that takes place in Miami Beach, Florida. The event takes place each year in July and is a hot spot for gamers, artists, and anime enthusiasts. The event is also broadcast around the world and is one of the largest conventions on the Southeast coast.

Casting call description 

Promoters of the event are looking for nerdy, unique looking models to be featured in promotional materials. They are are looking to have posters and internet advertising finished by the end of May, are are in need of 10-20 models to commit to photo sessions and commercial filming. The ideal candidates should have some basic knowledge in any of the following categories; Anime, Collectible Card Games, live action role playing, as well as current video game knowledge regarding today’s hottest titles. Models should be any gender, ages 16-30, any height/weight, and dress in their own unique style. All models are encouraged to come in their most comfortably owned attire. 

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Metropolitan International Fashion Week Miami Looking for Models

bikini2Metropolitan International Fashion Week Miami (MMIFW) is currently casting models for its upcoming event which will take place this April 21st through April 30th.  The fashion show began back in 2012 and has been an annual event in South Beach ever since.  The MMIFW has been largely responsible for bringing all types of different international designers to the Miami area to show off their styles.  The Metropolitan International Fashion Week Miami has been a launching point for a number of models and designers in the world of fashion.  So get ready South Florida models because this could be your chance!!!

 (Please follow link at the bottom of the page for the application.)

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Auditions for Actors and Comedian’s

FloridaThe Casting Team Requires Lead Actors for a “Spring Break” Comedy TV Show

Actors, here is an opportunity for you. The casting team of a “Spring Break” Comedy TV show is looking for main actors and some background extras to work on the screen. They require local actors of Miami, Florida. There are a variety of roles for actors and comedians for this show and it is soon going to be filmed in the same month, March. From Monday, March 21, 2016 to Monday, March 28, 2016, the show will be presented in front of the audience.

Actors who are willing to apply for the roles must remember that they should have a flexible schedule as the team can call them at any time for shoots and rehearsals from Monday, March 21, 2016 to Monday, March 28, 2016. You can check out the casting call notices for each role below. Continue reading

Casting New Reality Show “Beach House”

BeachHouseAbout the show

Beach House is an upcoming house reality TV show to be produced by the same people who made popular reality show ‘Path Down South’ and ‘Jersey Shore’. The show will follow the premise of the other popular reality TV shows in the past by bringing together a group of attractive people in a controlled environment and see how each reacts differently to their unique situation. The show will be filming several areas of south Florida later this year.

Casting calls for residents of Florida to share Beach House in the reality TV show

The executive casting directors for the new TV show are looking for hot and wild residents of Florida who will be selected to live together in a beach house for the show.  This is a great opportunity for the people who want to become famous as this show is bound to make them reality stars.

The directors of the show are looking people living in Southern Florida who are confident, wild, hot and sexy between the 20 to 30 years of age. They should be sensible, yet fun lowing and know how to do fun and crazy things. They also should have amazing social skills as they will have to live with strangers in a beach house, and build relationships with them.

The show is going to have a lot of summer fun, and you should be comfortable with beach shorts, bikinis as you will have lots of opportunities to flaunt your body and get lots of sun baths.  The directors are looking for a handful of hedonists who will be exclusive guests at the next great house television series.  They are searching for the hottest, spiciest, wildest bodies with the most beautiful faces to live and love together in the state of Florida – the hottest state on Earth.

How to apply for a part in the upcoming reality show ‘Beach House’

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Model Auditions for Athletic Clothing Line

AthleticShootAbout The Program

An athletic wear company is looking for models for its campaign based in Miami. Some of the athletic type of outfits for the athletes and runners would need the models with the same built and physique for the modeling auditions of it. The actual runners, dancers and acrobats are ideal options for the selection of models for this purpose.

Some of the important details are as follows:
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Promotional models for fireworks ad

PhantomFireworksPhantom fireworks is currently looking for promotional type models to advertise some new and exciting products that will be made available this fireworks season. The advertisement will be filmed over the course of several days, with models being paid for each day they work. This will be an exciting shoot for anyone that loves modeling AND being a part of the fireworks season.

About the ad:

The advertisement that we will be photographing will feature 5-7 models being displayed next to different types of fireworks, as well as some talking about the specifics with each firework. The ad will also feature models interacting with one another talking about their favorite part of the fireworks season and what the most look forward to. To see the specifics of the casting call, please read on. Continue reading

Casting Call for a Spanish Language Educational Video




Auditions are being held in Florida for a Spanish educational video project.  The casting directors are very particular about the specifications and only accept applications that perfectly fit the descriptions. The filming is expected to span over a number of weeks. It will begin in early March. The selected talent will be paid $504 per day.

Like it’s mentioned earlier, the casting directors are very particular about the description, and they only consider applications that fit. If you are interested, and you feel that you and your traits are a good match for the character described, your application will be welcomed by the directors.

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Featured extras for HBO’s ballers

Ballers22About the HBO’s Comedy Show – ‘Ballers’

Ballers is a comedy/drama HBO show that stars WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. and focuses on professional football players. ‘The Rock’ will appear as a retired player, Spencer Strasmore. He will be playing a role of an athlete, retired from sports and is in search of his next big break. Along with both of these talented actors, Denzel Washington’s son will also play a role of an athlete with Robb Corddy as a financial advisor in the show. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is producing this show with Pain and Gain’s costar, Mark Wahlberg.

The Official Casting Team is in Search for Some Featured Roles for New Comedy Show, Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Filming in Miami, Florida

The comedy show, ‘Ballers’ is now under production and is about to end its shoots and requires some actors and model to play several featured roles. Since the shoot is being done in Miami, Florida, the actors should be locals. The official casting team is looking for some actors who have previously worked in some TV show as there are some scenes left to film. So, the ones who love the WWE superstar must not miss this chance to work with him. If you have worked previously, then you are perfect for the role and they are looking for you! In order to know more details, read on. Continue reading

Local pizza joint seeking promo models

©2013 Red Square, Inc.About us

For privacy we cannot disclose the name of the business until models are selected. We have been in business since the early 90’s and own and operate a total of 10 stores that are all family owned and operated. Our first pizza shoppe opened up in 1991 right here in downtown Miami, Florida and we have since expanded. We are looking for a variety promotional models to be featured in several fliers we will be handing out in the greater Miami area to promote and advertise our chain.

We are looking for males and females that are ethnic (or ethnic looking) and comfortable being photographed in many different types of clothing and settings. All models will be compensated in 3 ways; With unlimited amounts of free pizza for 3 months, monetary compensation (Dependent on amount of material used), and with photo credit. The types of models wanted are listed below. Continue reading

Cruise line seeking ethnic models

Cruise shipWe are a well known international cruise line currently seeking ethnic male and female high fashion models for holiday advertisements. For the advertisement you would be photographed inside and outside of the cruise ship, posing with groups of travelers and potential cruise patrons. Each of our cruises are different and call for a different individual to represent them by being the face of the advertisement.
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