Posing Tips For Aspiring Models

model posesPosing Tips For Aspiring Models

At your first photo shoot you may feel scared because you might not know what to expect or what you need to do. There are some very basic tips to remember so you can have a successful first photo shoot. Here are a few tips that every model should know when posing for a shoot no matter what type of model you are.

 Tip#1: Avoid the Deer-in-the-headlights Looks

Take a deep breath and relax, don’t let anxiety get the best of you. Because if you do you might have that wide eyed look in your photos. Try to soften your eyes as much as you can so that you can avoid having the deer caught in the headlights look.

 Tip#2: Keep in Constant Motion

Modeling is about movement. You don’t change poses dramatically it is subtle movement. The photographer will be taking pictures continuously will most likely capture you through the transition of your poses. Do not hold your poses for longer 3 seconds. You might move your head or your hands slightly, let your movements flow. You don’t want to stand up suddenly if you are sitting or lie down if you are standing up. Figure out a way to eventually get into the position desired. 3 seconds is not a lot of time but the photographer is constantly clicking that camera and will capture every single moment. At the end of the day you want the photographer to have a variety of poses to work with.

 Tip#3: Don’t Forget About Your Hands

You might be anxious and scared at your first photo shoot and as a result you may not be aware that your hands are tense. Stiff hands can ruin a photo. Try to relax and make your arms soft. Don’t clench your hands to your waist; if you are holding on to something don’t clamp it. Don’t hold on to anything for dear life. Keep your hands soft and feminine.

 Tip#4: Posture is Very Important

Be very well aware of your posture at all times. Don’t hunch your shoulders or your back, it translates poorly into photos. Keep your shoulders back and your back straight. Try to keep that modelesque silhouette.

 Tip#5: Include Asymmetrical Poses

Asymmetrical poses look amazing on camera. Do interesting things with your hands and your feet, have your body slightly off center.

 Tip#6: Be Sure to Use Facial Angles

You do not always have to look straight into the camera. The photo looks more interesting when you are looking away from the camera. It is okay to look away; it does not have to be dramatically away. It can be off to the side or maybe slightly up. Try to find different angles that works for you.

This may appear to be a lot of information, but each tip can prove very helpful during your modeling career. If you’re able to practice and master each of these tips you will eventually notice that posing during a photo shoot will become less complicated, and you’ll walk away with even better photographs.

Casting Actors or Models for Ice Cream Brand Commercial

Ice Cream Commercial

Casting Actors or Models for a paid Ice Cream Brand Commercial and Print Project in the Miami area.

Miami area casting team released a casting call seeking Caucasian males and females for a brand commercial and print shoot. The casting team is seeking those with an interesting and unique look; hipsters, modern & cool types.  Models or actors who are interested in submitting for this job must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and local to the Miami area.

They will be casting in person next week, pre-selections are by photo submission.Actors and Models who do not live in the Miami area are welcome to submit if they can Self-Report to audition and project location, travel pay will not be provided for this project.  The shoot rate is $700 with additional pay for print.  Read the casting description for more details.

Miami Talent Casting:

Miami- Ice Cream Brand Commercial (and print)
Casting in person next week, preselections by pics asap.
Looking for cool, hipsters, modern, interesting looks.
Caucasians – males and females 18-30
Rate is $700, plus additional for print
submit your best pic and contact asap to miamitalentcasting@gmail.com
must be local or self report, no travel paid.

Casting Fit Extras for a Sports Infomercial

Male Fitness ModelAn Infomercial is a play on the words information and commercial. It is a form of advertisement whose content is a message that literally gives information on the viewpoint or product of the sponsor. Infomercials are often made to imitate a talk show or other television programs.

Inventors of products frequently use this format to market their items on a national level. Products include appliances, fitness equipment, cleaning supplies, books, programs, fitness aids, beauty supplies, weight loss products, and courses. Infomercials usually air from late night to early morning when a network does not have any programming to fill the time slots.

For instance the infomercial for Wen, which is a Hair Care System created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, shows the viewer how to use the product and what the results for using the product is. It also has testimonials from different celebrity clients who have used Wen and seen great results. ProActiv, an acne treatment system created by Drs. Rodan and Fields, demonstrates the benefits of using ProActiv. It gives the viewer a step by step guide of what each product in the line does and shows the end results of using the product.

Casting directors in the Miami area have released a casting call for a Sports Infomercial. Miami talent Casting is in casting fit males and females, preferably Athletes or Fitness Pros who are Caucasian and between the ages of 30 and 60. If you fit the description please email your photo, contact information to miamitalentcasting@gmail.com with the heading “Sports Infomercial.”

Casting Models & Extras for a Hip Hop Music Video

4642849326_672104f3f2_zMiami Talent Casting is working on a Hip Hop Music Video Project. They have worked on music videos for stars like Yandel, Wayne Wonder, Juanes, Chayanne, Rick Ross and Pitbull. They are casting for featured roles as well as extras; the pay will range from $150 to $600 depending on the role you are chosen for.

Miami Talent Casting is seeking to fill the following roles immediately:

Miami – Hip Hop Music Video
shoot on Oct 28th, MUST BE AVAIL ALL DAY
please see link for reference pics, need pics and contact asap

Overall Casting Note: This is not your ordinary hip hop video! Casting will play a huge role to set the tone so we need to reach out of the norm here and go for some unusual types. Think dark high fashion. See photos attached. Everyone must be comfortable with the subject matter and minimal clothing. I need people with a lot of enthusiasm! We will be creating posed, photographic situations as well as high energy mosh pit type of scenes.

4 main girls ($600/12) 20-25 y/o
Need strong leads here. Open to ethnicities, exotic, and GORGEOUS! Strong features, not overtly tough or edgy (we will do that with styling) and mysteriously alluring. Looking for a high fashion runway look but not as tall. Need to be able to move to the music well and have a killer strut! Must be comfortable in minimal clothing and the overall idea of the treatment: sexy & badass.

5 male models ($400/12) 25-35 y/o
All ethnicities, killer bodies (most guys will be shirtless or showing lot’s of skin!), and unique, high fashion male model looks. Edgy features, piercing eyes, cool hair cuts. Interesting punk looks with crazy hair styles and tattoos are good! Need to be able to move to the music well. Must be comfortable some intimacy on set and the subject matter (some will be blind folded and tied to chairs, etc.). Some male models will be kissing female models.

4 party models ($300/12) 20-25 y/o
All ethnicities. Need a variety of interesting high fashion types as well as gorgeous exotic women. Need to be able to move to the music well. Must be comfortable in minimal clothing and light intimacy on set. Some models will be kissing male models and other female models. Nothing overtly raunchy – artistic and beautiful.

10 party extras ($150/10) 20-30 y/o
please send options of girls and guys.

HBO Comedy Series Ballers Starring Dwyane Johnson Casting Actors and Extras

dwayne-johnson-hbo-ballers-32Movie Superstar Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson will be starring in his first major TV series on HBO. Johnson will not only starring in the new comedy series but will also be the executive producer of the show along with his ‘Pain and Gain’ co-star Mark Wahlberg. The show is created by Steve Levinson who also wrote the script for the pilot episode.


Deadline reports that ‘Ballers’ explores the lives of a group of former and current football players and their families, friends, and handlers. Dwyane stars as retired athlete Spencer Strasmore; Omar Benson Miller as Charles, an affable former pro athlete who is searching for his next career; Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington as Ricky, a highly competitive and highly spiritual pro athlete; Rob Corddry as Joe, a financial advisor who tries really hard to fit in; Troy Garity as Jason, a top-tier sports agent; Donovan Carter as Vernon, a deeply family-oriented pro athlete; Jazmyn Simon as Julie, wife of an ex-pro athlete; Taylor Cole as Michaels, an ESPN sideline reporter who is romantically involved with Spencer; and LeToya Luckett as Tina, widow to one of Spencer’s closest friends.

Casting directors in the Miami area is seeking actors to fill small parts in the ½ hour comedy. Extras casting directors with Miami talent casting is seeking talent who will be available starting November in the South Florida area to fill a wide variety of roles. Actors chosen for small parts and feature roles will be paid $750 and those cast for background work will be paid around $70.

Miami Talent is seeking the following:

Extras and featured actors for ‘Ballers’, all ages, all ethnicities, casting by pics and pre-selection for other roles. Send pics, resume and contact asap.

Shoot starts in November. Rates are around $70 for extras and $750 for featured roles.

Please send your submissions to: miamitalentcasting@gmail.com

Football Players, Cheerleaders, Coaches, Reporters, Players Wives, Players Kids, Club Goers,Club Security, Beautiful Bikini Girls, Beach types, Servers and Bartender types.

Please only apply if you are local to South Florida.

Casting Call for the Short Film “PAINTED FACES”

Short Film Casting Call Painted FacesIf you’re an aspiring actor or model in the Florida area who is looking for work in the entertainment industry you may want to look into a casting call for the short film that is being shot nearby. A local director named Tanner Pemelton is holding a casting call for actors and models to be a part of his production, which is titled “Painted Faces”. Finding small time acting jobs in Florida like short films and commercials are a great way to

Short Film Casting Call Information


Painted Faces follows a lonely evening with Blaine, a transgendered musician in search of identity and placement in this world. Through music, our protagonist finds peace, but it is only ever temporary. In a motel room after the show, Blaine, naked, crying and alone realizes that the masks we wear are just as temporary. Continue reading

Swimsuit, Lingerie and Sportswear Modeling | Modeling

Swimsuit, Lingerie and Sportswear ModelingThere are different types of categories for clothing in the fashion industry. There are certain opportunities where you can model sportswear and the requirements are different from the High fashion modeling jobs that you might see in Florida. Obviously if you want to get into sportswear modeling or swimwear modeling in the Florida area you must first be in great shape.

Be in Great Shape When Doing Swimsuit, Lingerie and Sportswear Modeling

There is no wiggle room for how great a shape you need to be in. There are so many models in Florida who have a great look. These models have great exposure and are more recognizable, these are the models that book contracts with Victoria’s Secret or book the shoot with Sports Illustrated. Those models represent what swimsuit brands actually look for, and what is considered the exemplar of the most perfect swimsuit girl is the girl that does lingerie. These categories of modeling types is considered very mainstream and you may be able to model swimwear or get into sportswear modeling if you a shorter or smaller or curvier girl. There are no certain height or weight requirements for catalog modeling jobs is Florida because most catalogs print photos from the model’s knees to her head. In catalog photography you may get away with being a shorter girl.

Choosing Models for Swimsuit, Lingerie and Sportswear Modeling

There’s a science to choosing the perfect model for a swimwear, lingerie or sportswear campaign. The client looks at certain factors; are you in great shape? Do they like your look or face? Are you relatable to their product? Can you sell their product? They know which pages draw the most attention from consumers and they know what consumers in Miami will want and will buy, at the end of the day they want to know if you are the best choice for their brand. They will not look at your height so you can get away with being the shorter girl but your body has to be in impeccable shape.

The girls in Miami, Orlando, and other major cities in Florida that choose to model swimwear and lingerie are constantly working on their bodies. These girls are consistent in eating right and exercising on a daily basis.  They go to a nutritionist because they don’t want to skip meals and have unhealthy eating habits; they also do not need to be stick figure thin. They hire a fitness instructor to help them stay in shape.  Most of the time the nutritionist and the fitness instructor work hand in hand to create a healthy and fit lifestyle for the models. They sculpt their bodies into the definition of the perfection because this is what is required.

Having an exquisite body is more important than being the tallest girl in the room. You need to be at least five foot seven but that depends on the photographer and the brand and whether they love your look. As previously stated you could be the shorter girl but if you an incredible body and they think that you are a great fit for the brand you will land the booking. Exceptions in this part of the industry are made all the time but only if you prove to be exceptional. To be exceptional you must perfect how well you perform your job and make sure to be in impeccable shape.

Do you think that you have what it takes? Miami Talent Casting is looking for models to work on a Sports Bra Commercial filming in Miami, Florida. Casting directors are holding auditions TODAY Wednesday, October 15th from 10am until 8pm. Models that are selected will be compensated $5,000 for their work on the production. To audition for a role in the upcoming commercial:

Casting in person Wednesday Oct 15
10 AM TILL 8 PM, Midtown area
by pre-selection, send pics asap please to get you a slot !
Shoot Dates Oct 28-30 -REHEARSAL IS THE 28TH
Asian, Caucasian, East Indian, Hispanic or mixed race / ages 20 – 35
$2000 for TWO 12 hrs DAYS + PLUS $ 2000 BUYOUT +
For additional reference of what they are looking, please Google BERLEI Sports Bra


One Source Talent New York

One Source Talent has been in the modeling and acting industry for over 10 years and have helped many talent book lead roles in numerous films. They also helped many models get their big break by booking them to major agencies such as Click and Elite. One Source Talent corporate office is located in Troy but their biggest and most successful office is in New York City and is run by Sanabel Billan. She has worked with One Source Talent for over 4 years and has moved up from being a receptionist to one of the most known office directors in the country.

One Source Talent New York has even helped Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick!


MTV Casting for New Series

MTV is currently seeking several young men & women for a new documentary tv series who are estranged from their parents due to the unapologetic way they are living their lives. This series will focus on several strong-minded individuals and the circle of friends who support them as they live life on their terms and won’t let anyone or anything hold them back.

On August 1, 1981, at 12:01 a.m., MTV launched with the words “Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll,” spoken by John Lack and ever since than they have been one of the most popular channels on television and this is your chance to be on the famous network.  Continue reading

Model Casting For Jean Company

We’re an Miami.-based denim company looking to find our next 5 models for an upcoming shoot on Sunday, March 30th!!! We may be new on the scene but have already been recognized by fashion insiders such as; The Zoe Report, Le Fashion, Ocean Drive, L.A.-confidential magazine, etc. This shoot will be used to provide content for our website and lookbook. Continue reading