Child Modeling Jobs in Florida

If you live in Florida it is import to know that there are a plenty of child modeling jobs for your young actor!  Most of these gigs are just sitting there for the taking if you just know a few simple things and are a savvy parent.  Doing what is necessary and being willing to do the work that is required to find out who is hiring children, how to get a hold of them, and  how to get the correct information regarding new open calls, casting calls, jobs and auditions.

The wonderful part about doing the correct homework that is required to help make it adventurous for your child while looking for Florida modeling jobs, is that while you are in the process you can be educating yourself all about an the industry that for now may represent child modeling jobs, but later on can provide very serious career opportunities for your child.

The most important part is the need to be willing to educate, and make some mistakes along the way. A hundred thousand dollar Gap spot will probably not be the first child modeling job in Florida your kid will come across, unless your child and yourself are very fortunate and you happen to win the Florida child modeling jobs lottery! The best way to start small and begin working up to find better jobs with larger house-hold name brands and try to find worthwhile contracts later on.  Remember, hard work and dedication are the most important part of helping your kid find child modeling jobs in Florida.

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22 thoughts on “Child Modeling Jobs in Florida

  1. My name is Gabriella Jannetides. I am interested in modeling!
    I am 11 yrs old, blonde/brown hair natural curls, blue eyes
    and Greek. I am tall and slim. My eyes are my best feature.

  2. Hello, My Name is Kaliyah Wilson. I Am 14 Years old, I Will Be Turning 15 On April 10. I Am A Yoing girl from a little town and I Am Interested in Modeling and Acting. I Am 5’6, I Weigh 130Ib My Eye Color is Dark Brown, oh and I Also Love Singing. I Can Be Reached at . PLEASE, I Am Trying to Make My Dreams Come True and show everyone my age that they can do anything they put their mind to. 🙂

  3. My name is Luke Claffey. I am interested in modeling! I am 3 yrs old, blonde hair, blue eyes. I am tall and slim, and very handsome.

  4. I Have a 5,4 and 1 year old daughter and step daughters that i know will be great for child modeling/child actor. Please send me info where i can send pictures of all three of these beautiful girls.

  5. Hello, my name is Alyssa Harmeier. I am 13 years old and will be 14 this coming May. I am 5,7 and I weigh 110 pounds. I am very fit. I have done modeling before. I am from Gainesville and take various trips to Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville. At the moment I am doing site modeling until I can find another modeling agency. I hope you consider me. I will have a website soon. A lot of recent photos can be found on my FaceBook. Please E-mail me and let me know. Thanks.


  6. My name is Chelsea Schmidt, and I am the mother of one and a half year old Brooklyn. I am very interested in getting her into modeling. She is very beautiful and outgoing! We live in Middleburg, Florida. We are willing to travel!! I have plenty of pictures upon request.

  7. Hi! My name is Jordan Rios and I have a beautiful 8 month old son, Liam.
    Liam is half Caucasian and half Puerto Rican. He has light olive colored skin, beautiful big brown eyes, and long, black, curly hair. Everyone he meets tells us he should be a model so we are taking the advice to heart! Thank you so much for helping us get Liam’s modling carreer started!

  8. I have 3 beautiful kids that Would be great fr modeling my daughter tht is 5 was previously picked but I did not have the time an I have a set of twins that are 14 months an they are all very photogenic. Please contact me


  10. Hey,my name is Brooke I am 14 I will be 15 in June and almost all my life I
    wanted to be a model I’m very interested in modeling I love taking picturers and posing I’m from Tallahassee and really looking towards to being a model I’ve been told by many people that I could be a model cause my height (5’5)
    I only weigh (111 lb)
    Thanks you,

  11. Hi, my name’s Sofia. I am 17, 5.3, 90 pounds. Hazel eyes, blond and brown ombre hair. But I really want to be a teen model not because of what I look like, but what I think I can offer. I have a super great personality, I make friends easily, and I even have a strange but unique background of growing up in the jungles of central America. I think the experience of modeling would be great, and I really would love to have the opportunity to check out this industry. So if I’m a possibility, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Thanks.

  12. Hey, i’m Bryan 5’11 – 165(lb) 16 going to 17 . . medium build .tattoos (left arm 3/4 sleeve , left rib cage and rear side of right arm ) intrested in modeling or acting . tampa fl email for picture .

  13. Hi, my name is Ayanna Larkins. I an African American, I am 13 years old. Im 5’5. I have big black eyes. I have natural brownish/blackish hair. I weigh 107 pounds. I would really love to become a model because I really think this is an opportunity to help me grow confidence in myself. I have a awesome personality. I am shy at first, but when someone gets to know me I can be really outgoing. I’ve been in a modeling show at my school, when I was in elementary school. It was a fun experience. If you’re interested, please contact me to let me know. Thank you.

  14. I’m Jamie Rimes. I’m 14 years old. I just turned 14 in May, 2013. I have been told by literally almost every single person I know, I do not look my age at all. I have had people tell me I look 16, 17, 18, an 11th or 12th grader at a high school. I wake up every morning to more than 15 or so messages telling me how gorgeous I am, how amazingly beautiful I am and so forth. I have been told an I look like a model and that I should try it out if I wasn’t one already. I have been inspired by many friends, family, and strangers, to start lookin into modeling.

  15. My name is Terri . Natural hair color is curly dark brown hair im 5’2 . Im very interested in modeling and i would love to do it! Its my dream

  16. Male, 6’3″ 195 lbs muscular build. interested in modeling. my race is a mixed race-black and white I am 16 years old.

  17. Hi I am Ava I’m 4’4″ tall slim and tall have brown hair and blue eyes . I really want to become a model! I am 7 years old .

  18. hello my name is keira tschantz I am 11 years old ill be 12 in april I am 5.1 with blond/brown hair and blue eyes I enjoy to be the spotlight and have looked at quit a few modeling agencys but u guys stand out so contact me soon .

  19. I have been told numerous amounts of time how creative and beautiful my daughter is. She’s 5 going on 6. Natural reddish auburn wavy, hair to her bottom and fairly tall and skinny. She loves cheerleading, singing and dancing anywhere and anytime. Would like to know how to make casting calls with her as we’ve had several company’s try to lure us in with paying for portfolios out of pocket.

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